Javier Fernandez Lopez - Biography


Javier Fernandez Lopez was born on the 15th of April 1991 in Madrid.

He began to engage in figure skating when he was 6.


First steps in figure skating Javier made in club "Igloo” in Madrid, and the first trainers who have open his talent were Carolina Sanz, Iván Sáez and Jordi Lafarga. Since a season Javier has been training in the group of Nikolai Morozov in Hackensack (USA), Tallinn (Estonia) and Canillo (Andorra).


Javier is the three-time champion of the Spanish Championships (seasons 2006/2007, 2007/2008, 2008/2009), the best Spanish figure-skater, the competitor of The European and the World Championships, Junior and Senior Grand Prix. Javier is the first Spanish figure-skater, who has included tripple axel in his programs.
On the last European Championship in Helsinki Javier got the 11th place and on the last World Championship he got the 19 place on results of two programs.


Also Javier is a student.
Javier say:
"My sister has seen any championship on figure skating on TV and has decided to begin to skate. When I have seen how she’s trained I liked it very much and I decided to train too. I was 6.
Honestly speaking my way of living was the same as for other children, or it seemed so for me. Of course, sometimes I couldn’t walk with my friends or go to the seaside because I had to train. But, generally, I consider I’ve been always the same as other people.
Also I’ve gone in the other kinds of sports: I’ve played football, hockey and tennis, but finally I’ve concentrated on figure skating.
I think that figure skating is the really wonderful, and it’s fantastic constantly progressing in the jumps, spins and steps, and feeling that you can control the ice as you control the ground although you didn’t born on it – and you can conquer the ice. Feeling of speed during your skating… Great emotions when you win competitions, show good programs after days of hard work.  And I can say that I live for it."


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